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A3KVE stands for “Arredo3 s.r.l. kitchens of Venice”, a NEW identity of this 100% Italian brand in China & Hong Kong region, which is the ONLY symbol authorized by the official Arredo3 s.rl.



with over 30 years expertise

From a small family-run company to an industrial enterprise operating in more than 47 countries around the world: in 34 years of work we have grown and evolved while maintaining a constant focus on quality materials, advanced design and ability to respond to constant input from the market. A lifestyle rather than a sales strategy, building and strengthening consensus around our company and our kitchens: a capital of inestimable value for A3KVE today.

While majority of the European brands focusing on luxurious elegance, A3KVE has diversified in other market: popularization by practical design and competitive pricing, which does not compromise on production quality. 

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